jeudi 7 avril 2016


SOFT musique

légère musique

musique légère

soft légère musique

5 AVR. 2016

May be it's hard

May be i ts hard to be far from 
May be is impossible to be apart of this dream
 May be the souls no met 
May be its no dream on another no body in such trip lets see a break a sun le ts see a moon therse is no stars if there are no broken heart

I agree that is no endless no eternity no moons no stars no sea no cats no flying birds no dreams no they if You want but stil they in the somit of hobit in the lacs that no speak they in the blind seek they in the hard Week they in the strong theaf they in the bad needs they in the street they in the vip trip they n the closing Time deep they in the stars flying in an other orbit they in such language i speak

No religion is a religion no love is love no hate is hate no feelings are feelings no pleasure is pleasure no needs are needs no music is music no silence is silence no birds flying are words coming

poésie de survie


I drink this horrible thing
I drink this  Deeping fight
I lose my soul that night
Taken by UN eternal man
Who kill me like a shark?
Behind the memories I kept
A glass
I kept a light spice
I felt no more inside
I go to the other bar
I drink this horrible thing beside
I drink the in Deeping fight
And remember just
That I was drunk
I kept a glass
There no memories inside
There's only a horrible fight
I lose my soul
And drink another


poésiede surviie

Deja vu sadness

Je dois disparaitre
Comme cette signature
Que tu effaces
Comme cette phrase que tu ne dis pas
Je dois disparaitre
Comme cette image qui n'apparait plus
Et ses instants de lenteur qu'on refoule
Je dois disparaitre
Comme une langue éteinte
Une mode oubliée
Je dois disparaitre comme les filaments de lumière
La nuit venue
Je dois disparaitre de ta vue
I must despair like this great wave
I must despair noting behind saved
I must despair in the hidden falls
And despair in the smooth of calls
I must despair like the end of love
And despair like the Deja vu sadness
I must despair like the moon broken in stars lights
And despair like the sun crashes on to the speed
Of life
Despair like the last garden in the howl night
Despair like the shadow that make love
Disappear like   the craziness of hanger child  
Despair like the greatness and happiness smiles
And fall like the increasing tears of dark
I must despair in the whole night
I was stolen of the mother's light

I despair in dream of my father's  night